Build skills.
Gain knowledge.
Get certified.
Find clinical jobs.

CapYear Academy offers a medical assistant certification training program, access to clinical jobs, and more. 

Getting a clinical job shouldn't be so hard.

Find what you need to launch your healthcare career at CapYear Academy. 

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Clinical Experience Made Easy

We get it.  Getting paid clinical experience without certifications or prior experience is a challenge.  
CapYear believes that needs to change.  Here's how we help.  

A better way to become a Certified Medical Assistant 

Finally, a medical assistant training program that works for your schedule and budget. CapYear Academy's medical Assistant training program is 100% online, on demand, and a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.  Our physician and PA instructors will be with you every step of the way.  Get started today!

Expert advice on getting clinical experience

Tools, strategies and insights from experts and employers on how to stand out when applying for clinical jobs.  Learn how to land a clinical job and succeed once you are hired.  And, of course, check out CapYear's famous free clinical job board to find entry-level clinical positions that work for you!

Resources for pre-meds and pre-PAs

Thinking about taking a gap year?  Ready to test your medical knowledge?  Want to hear from med school and PA school admissions committee members  what they are looking for?  CapYear has free resources for all things pre-med and pre-PA.  Check out  and how we partner with pre-health clubs!

Train to become a medical assistant in as little as 9 weeks

National Certification?  Check.
Less expensive?  Check.
Interactive modules?  Check.
Live support?  Check.
Anytime Access?  Check.

Is it time to get started?  Check.

Online Access to CCMA Program  Material

Our 19 module program covers all the topics covered on the CCMA exam.  Interactive CCMA assignments, lectures, virtual labs, study guides and exams are all included.

Self paced, on demand learning

Access the modules on your time and at your pace.  Convenient and flexible - complete your training from wherever and whenever it works for you. 

Expert MA and PA instructors

Online doesn't mean alone.  Our expert MD and PA lead instructors offer live sessions and are with you to answer questions, provide insights and offer feedback along the way.

Study Guides and Skills Assesments

Study guides and quizzes ensure you get the most out of the program.  2 full-practice tests included to make sure you are ready for the CCMA exam.

12 month program access

One year of unlimited access to course materials means you can succeed on your time. 

National Certification 
Lower Cost

Our program gets you ready for the nationally-recognized CCMA exam at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.

Is your pre-health club interested in being a CapYear Academy partner?

CapYear Academy invests in pre-health clubs to support tomorrow's medical leaders.  Contact us to learn more about how we can support your pre-health club.

  • Benefits for clubs to help support programming 
  • Discounts for your club members
  • Access to exclusive programming 
  • CapYear speaking engagement with your club
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Featured Courses and Content

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Online Medical Assistant Certification

100% online, self-paced with MD and PA instructors at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.  Prepares you for the nationally recognized CCMA certification.

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Finding Clinical Experience

Looking for clinical experience? Check out our videos, articles and shorts on how employers think about hiring for entry-level clinical positions.  And, of course, visit our job board to find a great position for you!
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Admissions Resources

Thinking about medical school or PA school? Hear from admissions committee members on keys to successful applications!  Plus learn how to think about clinical experience in the context of your application. 
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Take a Study Break with Dr. Sami

Does gum really stick around inside you for seven years if you swallow it?  What was the first pregnancy test?  And how real is Gray's Anatomy? Test your knowledge and brush up on your medical history with Dr. Sami's study breaks!        

What candidates are saying about CapYear

Ore O.
Towson University

I cannot express my gratitude enough for
CapYear. CapYear connected me with
recruiters I never thought I would gain
access to. I was able to secure a medical
assistant position in the neurology
department at a great hospital!

Sean K.
Bucknell University

As I was about to graduate, my job
search had me mostly empty handed. A
single call from CapYear let them
understand my needs and immediately
got me my first job.

Faith R.
Texas Tech University

Prior to graduation, I was extremely
stressed about finding a job to give me
patient experience during my gap year. I
was introduced to CapYear and within a
month I was employed as a Medical

Collin R.
Towson University

I had a great experience utilizing CapYear!
I submitted my information on Monday
and had a job offer by Friday. The jobs
offered were what I was looking for during
my gap year. I would advise anyone
taking a gap year to utilize CapYear!

Aminatu A.
Smith College

After applying to over 50 jobs but no job
offers, I was discouraged and stressed out.
I am grateful for the opportunity CapYear
provided me. The application process on
CapYear jobs was easy and the hospital
replied quickly. I got the job right away.

Christian D.
Towson University

Graduating without securing a job caused
me significant anxiety during my senior
year. CapYear proved to be an invaluable
resource providing me with a unique
opportunity to gain clinical experience as
a medical assistant.
Our teachers

It matters who your instructors are

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.
Sami Shoucair, M.D.
Jacqueline Snyder, MSPAS, PA-C
Megan Sponaugle, MMS, PA-C
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