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Tips on Getting Clinical Experience

The CapYear team shares tips, tricks and advice on landing clinical jobs.  Plus, hear from employers on how they think about hiring.


Admissions Tips

Hear directly from medical and PA school admissions officers on what matters to them with our in-depth webinars on the admissions process. 


Study Break 

Love medicine but need a break from the books?  Check out Dr. Sami's case studies, Q&A, medical history, and skills building!

Get Certified

Get certified as a medical assistant helps to build skills and access more clinical jobs.  Check our our medical assistant training program! 



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CapYear Cast

Join us as we speak with healthcare leaders regarding medical/PA school admissions, how to land a clinical job, and current trends in healthcare.

Getting Clinical Experience

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CapYear Team Tips

Check out these quick videos to hear some of the lessons we've learned when it comes to entry-level hiring

Visit Our Blog

CapYear Academy has articles ranging from interview tips, resume mistakes to avoid to tips for your gap year

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Voice of the Employer

Hear directly from clinical hiring managers on what they are looking for when deciding who to interview and hire

Medical and PA School Admissions Tips

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In this event, co-hosted by CapYear and the Ivy League+ Pre-Health Society, medical school admissions officers offer their perspectives on what sets their schools apart, the application process, what helps applicants stand out, common mistakes, what type of recommendation letter to seek out, the value of hands-on patient care experience, and much more. The six panelists provide great insight and timely suggestions for those starting the medical school application process. A must-watch!

Whether you are looking to go to medical or PA school, CapYear has you covered.  Check out these webinars with admissions officers to learn more about what they look for. 

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A moderated Q&A with Physician Assistant Program Directors from Bryant University, Duke, Lynchburg, and MGHIHP.  Get valuable insights on how these admissions officers think about the admissions process and what can really make an applicant stand out.  They also share their perspective on how applicants can approach which schools make sense for them.  If you are considering applying to PA school, this event is loaded with valuable insights from people who help make the decisions

Take A Study Break With Dr. Sami

Entertaining clinical case studies | Medical trivia | Strange but true medical history 

Demonstrations and Case Studies

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Welcome to clinical clinical case studies where knowledge meets practice! Explore a curated collection of videos including clinical case studies and practical demonstrations. 

Medical History

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How did surgery start?  Are sutures really made of cat’s gut?  What was the first pregnancy test?  Dr. Sami Shoucair takes you through some of his favorite medical history stories.

Q&A with Dr. Sami

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Test your knowledge with Dr. Sami! Check out our Q&A quizzes.

Build valuable skills and increase your access to clinical job opportunities with our medical assistant training program 

Prepare for your career

CapYear Academy's medical assistant training program prepares you for the nationally-recognized CCMA certification exam 

Expert instructors

CapYear Academy's online medical assistant training program is led by experienced clinicians offering live support at every step 

Get Certified For Less

CapYear Academy's training program is thousands less than traditional training programs.

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A program that works around you. 100% online, on demand access with live support, and can be completed in as little as 9 weeks. 

Pre-Health Clubs Partnerships 

CapYear is investing in the future of healthcare through our pre-health club and association partnerships.  Contact us to learn more about how we can support you and your members with exclusive benefits and programming

Benefits for pre-health clubs, associations and members

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Join us as we talk about professional medical careers and topics! Our episodes focus on the path to medical and physician assistant school, securing hands-on clinical experience. We speak with some of the smartest people in the room regarding medical/PA school admissions, how to land a clinical job, and current trends in healthcare, so tune in today!

Teaching Clinical Skill and Mentoring

Team-Based Care Between MD and PA

The PA/MD Journey

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