Alberto Martinez    in

Head of Care Team Operations

My Why

I enjoy working with people, in fact my entire working career has been focused on people whether that means teaching, advising or assisting them. Working with CapYear has been a great experience because I am not just helping sell a product, I am working with a team that believes in helping the future of healthcare and have the motivation and knowledge to get it done.

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Alberto is the Head of Care Team Operations for CapYear. He is in charge of making sure the day to day logistics of CapYear get done and all systems are working correctly. He also functions as support for both candidates and employers looking to use CapYear, helping them maneuver their way around all CapYear has to offer. Prior to working at CapYear he worked as an instructor with Mercedes Benz, linking customer care solutions and sales techniques. He also has 6 years of experience as a high school teacher, teaching both math and physics.