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CapYear´s Clinical Medical Assistant Training program makes it more convenient for anybody to prepare for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam. You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to be accepted into this program. Become a certified clinical medical assistant to get a jump start in you healthcare career.
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How to Get into Medical School: Insight from Admissions Officers Webinar

In this event, co-hosted by CapYear and the Ivy League+ Pre-Health Society, medical school admissions officers from the University of Vermont, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, SUNY Upstate and Philadelphia College offer their perspectives. Learn what sets their schools apart, the application process, what helps applicants stand out, common mistakes, what type of recommendation letters to seek out, the value of hands-on patient care experience, and much more. The six panelists provide great insight and timely suggestions for those starting their medical school application process. A must-watch!

How to Get into PA School: Insight from Admissions Officers Webinar

A conversation and Q&A with Physician Assistant program admissions officers from Duke University School of Medicine, University of Lynchburg, MGH-IHP and Bryant University. The webinar was moderated by Ashley Hughes, the Physician Assistant program director at Bryant University. 

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A guide with all you need to know to take full advantage of your gap year with resources, tips, recommendations and more!

Dr. Deborah Gutman talks about what is considered clinical experience for Med/PA school applications.

Join CapYear´s Chief Medical Educator, Dr. Deborah Gutman as she discusses exactly what it is admissions officers consider clinical experience and how to obtain it.
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Join us as we talk about professional medical careers and topics! Our episodes focus on the path to medical and physician assistant school, securing hands-on clinical experience. We speak with some of the smartest people in the room regarding medical/PA school admissions, how to land a clinical job, and current trends in healthcare, so tune in today!

Teaching Clinical Skill and Mentoring

Team-Based Care Between MD and PA

The PA/MD Journey

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